BBT Token Distribution

BBT Token Distribution 2018-01-31T13:29:13+00:00

Distribution Schedule

The distribution schedule followed by one thousand (1000) consecutive 24-hour periods commencing February 1, 2018 00:00:00 UTC.

Day #No. of BBT Tokens DistributableETH daily limitETH price per 1 BBTBBT per 1 ETH
1200 00020,000,0001000010 000
2200 00020,400,000102009 803
3200 00020,810,000104049 611
4200 00021,220,000106129 423
5200 00021,650,000108249 238
100200 000142,050,000710261 407
101200 000144,890,000724461 380
102200 000147,790,000738951 353
103200 000150,750,000753731 326
104200 000153,760,000768811 300
300200 0002 564,770,0128238577
500200 00018 763,910,0938195410
1000200 000229 437,711,147188550,87


To participate in the BBT Token distribution, you will need to send ETH to the Ethereum BBT Token distribution smart contract (the “BBT Distribution Contract”) during a period of your choice. The BBT Tokens will be immidiately send on your ETH wallet.

Please see the buy instructions below for further details on how to purchase BBT Tokens.


Do not use any of the following wallets to participate in the BBT Token distribution

  • Any Bitcoin exchange
  • Any Ethereum exchange
  • Bitfinex
  • Bittrex
  • Bitstamp
  • Coinbase
  • Exodus
  • Jaxx
  • Kraken
  • Poloniex

The Ethereum address for the token distribution is:


Send ETH only from ETH wallet (for example using MetaMask or

Do not send ETH from an Exchange 
If you send ETH to BBT Token Distribution Contract from an exchange account, your BBT tokens will be allocated to the exchange’s ETH account and you may never receive or be able to recover your BBT tokens.


You just need to send ETH to BBT distribution contract 0x3a694b3386ed924c683100e8908e24ddaf5936ab and you will immidiately recieve BBT tokens on  you wallet.

BBT can be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in Q2 2018. It is depends on demand, thats why there is available only 200,000 BBT daily.

It depends on period, when you purchase BBT token. For example, in first day, price will be 10,000 BBT per 1 ETH (with 20 ETH day limit). For more information, you can use full table.

This scheme is developed to increase demand on BBT tokens.

You can buy up to 200,000 BBT daily.

No worries. Your transaction will be rejected by blockchain and you will get your ETH back.

There is no refund system, so be careful and think twice before the investment.

Yes, you can send any amount of ETH (for example 0.01ETH)

To add BBT tokens to your wallet enter your Ethereum wallet (usually and select «Add custom token».

You will see three fields: token name, address and decimals.

Address – 0x4e4b91a9b93b5f770424104827b41e440a859bee
Token name – BBT
Decimals – 18.

After that, click «Save» and you will see your BBT balance.

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